Sometimes apprehension and adrenaline go hand in hand

Let the fun begin!

So it's a little rocky, no big deal.

Are you kidding me?

No. Freaking. Way.

Dear Lord...  ... _ _ _ ...

We didn't go down that previous hill, but this was plenty crazy.  The closer tree on the right brushed the palm of my hand when we drove past.  No, I did Not have my hand hanging out of the window.

Huh, would you look at that?!  How did that get there?

Hmmm... maybe it happened when we took out that tree around the corner at the bottom of the hill.
Damn, we're in a tight spot!

Which way do we go?

Up, definitely up

Oh yeah, no turning back now!  ... expletive...expletive...expletive...many, Many more expletives

Seems innocent enough.

What a glorious day to enjoy the outdoors!  Praise the Lord for giving the designers of the Chrysler Group the sense to add "oh s#!@" bars front and center on the front passenger side.

Thank you for enjoying this adventure with us, Liz and Jason!

Happy trails, dear friends!

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