Two naptimes = one rocket

It all started with the box that housed Rob's Father's Day gift from last year.  We hung onto it for the sole purpose of creating some sort of playhouse.  So many times I would go into the basement and see it sitting there, hogging floorspace.

Maia asked if we could make a rocket while Rob was at NTC, but I wanted to wait until he was home so we could do the project as a family.

Finally, after putting Libby down for a nap, we began construction!

After a layer of duct tape covering the entire outside (3 rolls total), the rocket was complete!

Astronaut or alien life form?  You decide.

Rob decided to make a control panel for the rocket while I constructed the top of the rocket -- pretty neat-o, huh?

Another view of the inside -- on the right is a monitor that Maia made with a view of outer space.
As much as wanted to change all of the little imperfections, I resisted for the sanity of my family.  Although, the more I look at it, the more I want to add decals, etc. to the outside, perhaps the American flag, U.S.S. NESS.  Yep, that's going to happen, along with a tutorial.  In fact, this would be a great way to spend time with your kids if you are in the middle of a move.  Cardboard boxes = endless opportunities for pretend play.
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