Hold up the fort

Sometimes life isn't fair.  Yes, Mom, you were right.  In three months we will have been here for seven years.  We have met some of the most wonderful people here and have had to stand, watch and wave goodbye as most of them have moved on to their next duty stations.  There's no sugar-coating this.  It always stings.  I'm so thankful for FB and Skype and that you have all stayed in contact, but we miss you all!  Just a couple of days ago we had to say goodbye to some of our dearest friends...again.  Every time this happens I just want to go back into my shell and avoid new friendships just so I don't have to say goodbye again...pathetic, I know. 

Well, this life I live isn't all about me and it would be a damn shame if let my emotions come before my family.  We can talk about being sad that our friends aren't just down the road, but we can still have fun.  On the bright side, we do love to travel and we already have plans to see our buddies in the very near future.

So, to lift our spirits and to make the most out of the snow we had left from the big snowfall last week, we played and created...

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  1. Your friends are some lucky people. And your creativity, optomisim, & positive attitude are inspiring to have known. You are much loved!!!