This is it (fingers crossed) + Fabric pocket hug tutorial

Two years have passed since the last deployment, a generous amount of time relative to the typical rotation schedules.  If you ask any of us, "generous" is relative due to the various TDY training and instruction courses Rob has had to go away for during his time stateside.  
With that being said, we certainly know how to maximize our family time and really enjoy life.  Two years have gone by far too quickly, but we have packed in a crazy amount of fun and love in that short amount of time.

Earlier this week, we said goodbye again, the big goodbye for who knows how long with no break for R&R. 
L working on her fabric hug (a more durable version of the standard paper hug)
M's hug
L's hug, fun fabric side, chosen by her
L's, decorated side
M's decorated side
Fun fabric, peace signs chosen by M, of course
The hugs are simple.  To do this project, you will need:
  • a piece of paper
  • a pencil
  • a scrap of Fabric A (fun cotton print)
  • a scrap of Fabric B (muslin or other solid cotton)
  • a scrap of fusible web
  • a scrap of fusible fleece (felt would work too, something soft to stabilize is the idea) 
  • and one length of ribbon, measured to the length of your child's outstretched arms. 
  1. Have your child trace their hands (or do it for them) on a piece of paper.  Cut out the hand and use it as your pattern on your fabric.  
  2. Trace the hands onto the paper portion of the fusible web
  3. Fuse the web to Fabric A (fun print) and set aside.
  4. Fuse the fleece (or baste if using an alternative material) to Fabric B.
  5. Cut out the hands from the fusible web/Fabric A combo and use them as templates to cut the hands from the fleece/Fabric B combo.  
  6. Peel off the paper backing from the fusible web-backed Fabric A hands.
  7. With wrong sides together, match up one of each, Fabric A and Fabric B hands, sandwiching one inch of each end of the ribbon between each sandwich at the bottom of each palm.  
  8. Fuse the hands together -- Layer order: Fabric A - fusible web - ribbon end at bottom of palm - fusible fleece - fabric B
  9. Edge stitch around each hand, reinforcing the ribbon ends by back-stitching.
  10. Finish raw edges with a wide zig-zag stitch around each hand.
  11. Have your child decorate the Fabric B hands to make them more personal.
A hug from M before you go...
Please, dear God, let them all return safely, and please let it be less than a year. 

...and another from L, who can't quite reach.
Daddy helped, now he's loaded with hugs he can keep in his pocket.

Now that the dread of preparing for him to go away again has passed, we are starting to pull out of our funk and prepare to welcome him back home again -- for good, please, God.  Time Is passing and we are one day closer to being Whole again.

Our "Deployment Wall" -- waiting on our world map; which will be hung below
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  1. Thank you for your family's sacrifice