Dreaming of warmer weather; the unpublished post

Just as I was about to post some winter photos, I saw that I never published this post that has been sitting in limbo since August.  I was about to delete it, but I had to share the photos of my girls jumping in the grass and our praying mantis friends.  They remind me that The homecoming is within reach. 

At the end of every summer since we've lived at this house, we have found praying mantis egg cases attached to various clever places outside of the house.  We discovered this one on the railing at the front of the house just as pictured, some of the babies had already hatched.
We were hanging out on the little bench on our front porch and discovered this little hatchling.  The metal disc is a part of a 1" covered button blank for scale.
The little dude is so unbelievably adorable!  Rob and I have enjoyed rain/thunderstorms from our front porch and have watched adult praying mantids catch and eat little gnats and mosquitoes trying to escape the rain.  Our Mantis friends can stay.
This beauty guards my tomatoes.  M named it "Sneakers" and L named it "Flowers."
Measures around 10cm

This is a little skirt I made for M using The Long Thread's "Backgammon Skirt" tutorial.  I think I'll use the idea again for The homecoming.
Just a closeup of the fun hemline
Barefoot in the grass, always a favorite

On the count of three, ready?  1...2...

Trying to be patient here, but really, spring, you can come any time.  We want our Daddy back!
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