Sharing Sue with the Next Generation

Popcorn in cheeks, ready for the show!
Passing it on...the story I do my very best to avoid telling, yet somehow find myself cornered and having to explain the irrational messy saga.  M has heard bits and pieces, just enough to fall in love with my favorite dinosaur.  Yesterday, she caught a greater glimpse of the joy, hell and, eventually, peace we lived a couple of decades ago.  

When I first heard that someone was making a movie about Sue, I was worried that Hollywood would invade my home town and distort reality.  I couldn't have been more wrong. 

I read incredible reviews of the film after it first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and started getting excited.  Later, we found out that it would be at the Black Hills Film Festival over M's birthday weekend.  M was ready to spend all day and night in the car on her birthday just to watch this movie the day before.  She sacrificed a party with friends to drive over 600 miles to watch a movie.  This girl deserves a celebration.

Yesterday, Rob, M and I watched the screening of "Dinosaur 13" in Hill City School's auditorium.  I felt like I was going to a wake.  The moment the title appeared on the screen (black screen and small, simple font in white), the tears began.  Todd Miller and crew, you have given my family a gift we will forever be grateful for.  Thank you for redeeming us. 

Official description board from Sotheby's auction house when Sue was sold to the highest bidder

Dad explaining air sacs in birds and T. rex

Not as awesome as Sue, but beautiful nonetheless 
"Blackie" from the tar pits in Peru
Birthday girl passing the time with a good book
To my hero, freshly home from war and my lovely, kind, big brown- eyed girl on her 9th birthday: I love you so and thank you for wanting to share this with me. I2
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