USA Map Quilt

It's finally finished -- USA Map quilt, inspired by my friend, Cristy.
Each state was sewn by hand, background waves in the denim are machine quilted.  
Subtle, tiny, hand-stitched hearts mark the places we've lived together.  I need to do something about Germany.
You can barely make out the one over San Antonio, TX.
...and Newport News, VA
This is a glimpse of the binding, made from the same scraps as the states, and a little closer view of Alaska.  I cheated on the Aleutian islands and just did a simple backstitch marking the outlines of the islands.
I went a little nuts cutting out Hawaii and stitched each island onto the background.
I think New England is what I was most concerned about.  I wasn't sure you would be able to make out the individual states.
I think it turned out okay, and now we don't have a bare space in the middle of the mantle. 

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